Applying to University Support Sessions

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If you are thinking of applying to university next year, it can be a difficult time for accessing all the information you need to make the right choices for your future and to make sure your application stands out.

At Bucks New University our Outreach team is available to help guide you through the process. We'll help you research the options open to you and narrow your choices, show you how to apply through UCAS, give you tips for writing the perfect personal statement, let you know what to expect from university life and tell you all about how student finance works.

In our 30-minute virtual sessions we will help to put you on the right track and answer any questions you might have about applying to university and what to expect*

*Whilst we are happy to answer your questions we are unable to answer queries about specific applications to Bucks New Uni. These should be directed to

30 June15:00 Personal Statements
02 July15:00 Should I go to Uni?
07 July15:00 Can I afford to go to Uni?
09 July15:00 Choosing the right University for you
14 July15:00 Personal Statements
16 July15:00 Should I go to Uni?
21 July15:00 Can I afford to go to Uni?
23 July15:00Choosing the right University for you

About the sessions

Writing your personal statement - how to stand out from the crowd (30 Mins)

A step by step guide to the UCAS process and how to make sure you use your 4,000 characters to write an impactful personal statement that will get you noticed.

Should I go to University and what to expect. (30 Mins)

In one word - yes!  This session will cover the positives and negatives of university life, students fears and expectations and what difference university could make to your life.

Can I afford to go to University? (30 Mins)

A short tour of Student Finance, what you can borrow, how you pay it back and how much do you repay and why you shouldn't let the talk of debt put you off.

Choosing the right University for you - what to research and consider when choosing your university and course. (30 Mins)

When deciding where to go to university you may be overwhelmed by choice, league tables and marketing. This session will show you how to wade through the detail and make the right choice for you, your learning style and your future career.