What do I need to do on the day?

You must be registered, gowned and seated 在里面 Swan Theatre half an hour before your ceremony is due to start. Therefore we recommend that you arrive at the University two hours before the start of your ceremony as Registration and gowning can become extremely busy.

The registration desk will be open from 上午9点 for a morning ceremony and 12.30pm for an afternoon ceremony. The Registration Desk will close 30 minutes before your ceremony is due to start.
On arrival, you must go to the Green Room 在里面 网关 to register. You will then be directed to the Drama studio for gowning. Due to space restrictions please note guests will  be allowed access to these areas.

At registration you will be given a Wycombe Swan theatre ticket for yourself and separate tickets for your guests. Graduands are seated together in the stalls. Guest seating is 在里面 rear stalls, side stalls, circle and upper circle.

If you arrive in plenty of time we would encourage you to get your photographs taken before the ceremony as photography gets extremely busy after the ceremonies.

Following registration, you will be directed to the gowning area 在里面 Drama Studio, next to the Green Room where Ede & Ravenscroft staff will fit your academic gown, hood and mortarboard.

Please note - you must be correctly gowned to take part 在里面 ceremony and please remember to bring your Ede & Ravenscroft gown hire confirmation with you on your graduation day.

It is expected that you will dress appropriately and smartly for the occasion. It is advisable to wear suitable footwear as there is a short walk to the theatre from the campus and you will have to negotiate steps up to the stage. Hair grips and safety pins are often required so if you think you will need them please bring them with you.

The University retains the right to refuse you entrance to the ceremony if it is considered you are inappropriately dressed.

If we have any unsold tickets leftover for your ceremony you will be able to purchase extra tickets from the Ticket Sales desk near the 网关 Reception area. Please note we 不能 guarantee that we will be able to seat all your guests together if you buy more tickets on the day.

No longer require tickets already bought

The University 不能 resell your unwanted guest tickets for you on the day if you no longer require them. Please see Refunds.

Please note there is no car parking on campus. There are public car parks within a short walking distance of the campus or the park and ride service is available.


Printed programmes will be available from the registration desk and the helpdesk 在里面 Swan theatre. If you or your guests would like the programme in an accessible format, please let us know in advance by contacting the Graduation Team.

The Ede & Ravenscroft photography studios will operate all day in the 事件 Hall 在里面 网关. Photography can be pre-booked at the same time that you book your gown. If you arrive in good time, you are strongly encouraged to have your photographs taken before the ceremony.

There will be an Ede & Ravenscroft photographer taking photos of each Graduand as they cross the stage. These photos can be purchased. For further details please see What do I need to do? 4. Pre-book Professional Photography.

Please remember to bring your Ede & Ravenscroft pre-booking photography confirmation with you on your graduation day.

Ushers will be on duty throughout the day at the University and at the Wycombe Swan theatre to assist and direct you. They can be identified by their gowns or sashes.

Seats for guests are pre-allocated separately from the graduands. Tickets are issued for the rear stalls, side stalls, circle and upper circle. Theatre staff will ask to see valid tickets and will help your guests to find their seats.

Guests must be in their seats 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Announcements will be made in plenty of time in the gowning and photography areas, 在里面 Wycombe Swan theatre foyer and outside the entrance.

Guests are asked to remain 在里面ir seats at the end of the ceremony until the academic procession have left the auditorium.

Graduation merchandise will be available to purchase in The Room throughout graduation week. It will not be possible to order online or in advance

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