Files Storage & Access

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All students are allocated a default 主页 Folder quota of 750MB with an additional 5TB (terabyte) available in 一个驱动器 online cloud storage.

For any queries on G Drive and files 和 storage access, contact the IT Service Desk.

You are free to store any data on the G: drive but you must always ad这里 to our IT 政策. The contents of your G: drive are deleted after you complete your studies each year. If you are completing your studies you will need to take a copy of any files you wish to retain before you leave the University.

How to access your G Drive

Windows PC上

When you log onto a University PC including pc’s in offices, pc’s in teaching labs 和 pc’s in open access areas, your 主页 Folder is automatically connected as the G Drive.

Your G: drive can be found under ‘My Computer’ 和 will have your student ID number. On windows pc’s the 主页 Folder is also referred to as Documents as well as the G Drive.

When you wish to save your work click ‘save as’ you will be able to decide on the format of your document, its name 和 location.

Apple iMacs

When you log onto a university iMac or MacBook you 主页 Folder automatically appears as an icon on the Dock

Your 主页 folder can be accessed from the Internet. This can be used to access your files from you own computer/device whether you are on campus or working elsew这里.

  • To access your G Drive off campus, simply visit: //
  • 输入您的 Bucks username密码.
What is 一个驱动器

Microsoft OneDrive is cloud hosted storage which allows you to store, sync and share your files.  一个驱动器 is part of Office 365 和 provides you with 5 terabyte (TB) of storage which is accessible from any of your computers or mobile devices.

How to access 一个驱动器
  • Sign in to Office 365 from //
  • 输入您的 Bucks username
  • You will be re-directed to the university sign in page
  • Log in with your Bucks username密码
  • 选择 App Launcher button in the top-left corner
  • 选择 一个驱动器.

More information on managing files 和 folders in 一个驱动器 is available 这里

More information on uploading files to you 一个驱动器 is available 这里

Working collaboratively

You can share files and folders in your 一个驱动器 with other Bucks users including teaching 和 support staff or users outside of the university.

More information on sharing 一个驱动器 files 和 folders is available 这里

An aspect of IT security is data security. Whilst at University, you will be likely to work on lots of digital documents that are important to your academic development. Ensuring that these are safely stored 和 backed up will prevent you from having to rewrite coursework or notes in the event of the originals being lost.

T这里 are many ways in which important documents can be lost. Your computer may break or get a virus, it could be stolen or the file may be accidentally deleted. Departments do not usually make allowances for technical issues if you submit work late, so it is up to you to make sure that your work is properly saved 和 backed up.

Here are a few things that you should remember when saving your work:

Save work to the G: drive

The G: drive is your own personal space for saving your documents. The University G: drive is backed up regularly. This means if you accidentally delete or save over a document it can be restored from a previous version.

Don’t keep copies of files on a single device (e.g. a USB stick or a DVD)

If your only copy of your work is on a USB stick or DVD 和 that breaks or gets lost then your files will be lost with it. Save your work to the G: drive or the 一个驱动器 as well as your device so you have a backup. If internet access is a problem even saving to another device kept separately is better than only having it in one place.

Back up using your own computer 和 storage devices 

To protect your files on your own computer, you can create a backup: a set of copies of the files that is stored in a different location from the original files (such as an external hard drive). Windows users can use tools such as the Back Up Files Wizard to back up their files at regular intervals. Mac users can use Time Machine to back up their files. If you use a Mac please make sure you remember to turn off the sharing settings to prevent other people being able to access your machine.

电子邮件 to yourself

It is a good practice to email your important work files to yourself so that a copy would always be available, even if any work in your local machine gets deleted.

Save documents in the Cloud 

一个驱动器 is a storage service offered by Microsoft. It’s a place to store and organise your work documents on the internet 和 can be accessed from any internet connected device.